More of a Good Thing

As an avid shopper, I know there are plenty of items that look amazing on me, while others just don’t quite work. That’s why when I do find something that I really love, I buy it in duplicate. If I love it in black, chances are I love it in blue (and in red, and in pink…) If it flatters your figure, rock that look. There are plenty of trends that are adorable, but they don’t work on everybody. The cuteness of an outfit doesn’t lie in the outfit itself; rather it lies in how it is being worn. The key is knowing how to dress for your shape. What makes an outfit cute is not just a fun color, cut or interesting pattern, but how it fits your body. Don’t throw on any ole cute dress and expect to look good on you just because the dress is adorable on its own. And don’t take it personally! If it doesn’t work, keep your chin up and keep looking. It’s not you, it’s the clothes! There is a better dress, skirt, or jean out there that will flatter your shape and make you feel amazing. Know your shape and and learn how to work it! Happy Friday!



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