My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

Ever since I saw tulle skirts making a comeback on Pinterest a couple of years ago, I have been wanting to find my very own tulle skirt. For two years I just didn’t see them anywhere. I looked online, but they were pretty pricey, and I tend to shy away from online shopping because I always have to try stuff on before I buy to make sure the fit is flattering. Finally, on a recent trip to NYC, I found it! The perfect tulle skirt in rose quartz – which just so happens to be one of the 2016 Pantone colors of the year. The best part is the skirt was on sale for only $10! A month later, my cousin got married, so I jumped at the opportunity to dress up my new tulle skirt! Paired with a cotton tank and an H&M flower necklace of the same color, a silver belt and broach from my grandma Bebe, and my silver sparkley INC shoes, I felt like a feminine ballerina princess. But tulle skirts aren’t just meant to be delicate and whimsical. I love the look of a funky crop top and the tulle skirt, I just haven’t found the perfect opportunity to wear it ….yet. Stay tuned!


My Kind of Souvenir


Feeling Funky Fresh on the Subway

When I’m on vacation, I always make sure I leave a little room in my suitcase for souvenirs. But not the keychains and t-shirts you’re thinking of. My kind of souvenirs are the treasures I tend to find while shopping unique shops I wouldn’t have the opportunity to browse were I not on vacation. Whether it’s a Salvation Army in Hawaii, a cheap “Necessary Clothing” store in NYC or a street market in Turkey, I am always on the hunt for cool pieces that tell a story. Once I bring them home and work them into my wardrobe, every time I wear them, I remember the fond memories of the vacation it came from. This cool dress I got a funky cheap shop in the Garment District in NYC on a trip I took with my sister this past July. I liked it so much I wore it out of the shop. It was only $30, which honestly was a little overpriced for the quality, but I forked it out anyways because I loved it and I tend to get a little spendy while I’m on vacay… and as they say, “When in Rome!” I’ve yet to go there but I’m sure when I do I’ll bring something fabulous home!

Sexy or Silly?

Listen, I am as much of a fan of slutting it up on Halloween as the next girl, but to me, a good Halloween costume is not just sexy, but creative. Take something unexpected and make it fun and flirty, like my infamous Big Bird costume! I took a definitely un-sexy character, and turned it into a funny, sexy, and creative costume. Maybe it’s just that I’m turned off by store-bought costumes, but sometimes, taking an unexpected character and making it sexy doesn’t always work out so much. Exhibit A: “Sexy” Ronald McDonald. Ridiculous! But maybe I’m being too harsh. In the spirit of individuality on Halloween,

Have it your way. 919d6a9d52bc71689ef8d60f8515bd23

Fairy-tale Feet

Cinderella taught us the right shoe can change your life. When 9 talented designers were brought together by Disney to recreate the unparalleled Cinderella glass slipper, the results were nothing short of legendary. Of all of the fantastical creations, my hands-down favorite is this supreme slipper, the heel of all heels, The Jimmy Choo. Just look at it. It’s so shiiiiiiny. These shoes would definitely land you a Prince, or better yet, a Fairy Godmother. So this is love, Mhm-Mhm. This is the miracle that I’ve been waiting for.

Tori Kelly – All in my Head

I’m head over heels for Tori Kelly. Her sweet yet powerful voice coupled with her honest and vulnerable lyrics just melt my heart. Only 21 years old, the rejected American Idol contestant is on the rise to stardom. Want more? Check out Eyelashes, Stained and Celestial, all from her 2012 EP Handmade Songs.

2014 Pantone Color of the Year

For decades, Pantone has brought us the year’s most relevant color trends according to the designers of NYFW and beyond. Year after year, a truly unique and stunning color wins the coveted title of “Color of the Year”. The global authority on color named Emerald as 2013’s color of the year, and it shined all year long, throughout every season. Now we have an equally riveting color palette to utilize in 2014, with a strong emphasis on vibrant colors like dazzling blue, radiant orchid and cayenne red. 


While rocking out to Britney’s new single “Work b**ch” I made a funny connection…

The Lost Outfit


My relaxing and fabulous vacation in Oahu wouldn’t be complete without a little shopping, as I usually tend to collect clothing wherever I go. This sweet little white top was salvaged at none other than Salvation Army, and although not pictured, the defining feature is the delicate criss-cross straps in the back; straps suitable for a ballerina. The skirt, a blatant ripoff of the Daisy Midi Skirt by Kendall and Kylie for PacSun, was found for half the price in a Forever 21-esc store I stumbled upon in Waikiki called Love Culture. I put this outfit together for a night out on the town on Friday night, and then again on Saturday night when we didn’t end up going out Friday. When Saturday night turned into a girls night in, this cute get-up became the Lost Outfit. Now, back in the chilly grip of Winter on the mainland, this treasure will have to wait until Spring to make its debut.

Leopard Love



I can’t believe there was a time when I hated leopard print. Now I can’t get enough. It just goes to show that personal style is constantly and consistently evolving. I paired my thrift store crop top with my BEBE sale rack ring to create a seamless matchy-matchy look that was fit for shopping at the mall and shaking it at the club – and yes, I did both.

Mix and Match


Mixing patterns can either be fresh and funky or a total disaster. My general rule for pattern mixing is to stick with the same color scheme. The prints already clash, so keeping the colors the same will create a more cohesive and unique look. Because I haven’t been shopping in a while, I instead indulged myself in a little closet shopping. Diving into the depths of my collection, I put together a look I haven’t created before. Although this is a new kind of look for me, I have to say, I dig it and I’m glad I took the risk. I feel fun and quirky in this outfit, and really, what else are clothes for if not for making you feel good about yourself?